About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide top quality property management services at a competitive price.

We are a modern independent real estate agency located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and we specialise in the management of residential properties. We have a reputation for providing excellent service at a competitive price. With over 5 years experience in the real estate industry and education in accounting, law and engineering, our team is well equipped to look after your investment property.

We offer a fresh approach to property management with a focus on improved communication, high quality service and different pricing options. We manage everything from studio apartments to 10-bedroom villas  including registered rooming houses. Our clients include new landlords through to experienced landlords with large portfolios. We also offer letting services for DIY landlords. Contact us to see if we have a plan for you.

What We Do

We will find you a tenant and take care of your property.

Letting Services

If your property is vacant and you need help finding a new tenant, then sign up for our letting service!  We offer letting services as either a stand alone service or packaged with our management service. 

Property Management

If your property is already leased and occupied by a tenant, then take advantage of our ongoing property management service.  We offer multiple tiers of service so you can choose a plan that suits your needs.

Rooming House Management

If your property is registered rooming house and you’re looking for someone to manage it for you, then ask us about our rooming house management service!  Our service includes all of the features in ‘normal’ property management plan plus extra features unique to rooming houses.

Who We Serve

Has this happened to you before? Don't worry – you’re in the right place!

New Landlords

Is this your first rental property? Don't worry. Let us take care of everything!

Experienced Landlords

Are you dissatisfied with your current agency? Let us show you how we are different!
  • You have another new property manager… the 3rd one in 18 months.
  • Something broke-down at the property 4 months ago and no one told you about it. Now the issue is worse and the tenants are demanding compensation.
  • Apart from collecting rent, you have no idea what the agency even does.
  • You called your agent 3 days ago and left a message but still no one has returned your call.
  • When you finally speak to someone at the agency they don’t know anything about your property or the issues you’ve been having.
  • Your statement has all these extra fees on it – admin fees, stationery, sundries. None of this was mentioned when you signed up.
  • You keep getting bad tenants who damage the property and/or don’t pay their rent.
  • Your property has been vacant for a long time and you don’t understand why.
  • You know your property needs repairs but you’ve just been too busy to organise it or fix it yourself.
  • You try to do the right the thing but there are so many rules, regulations & forms and you can’t keep up with them all.
  • Your accountant has asked for all your financial records about your property but don’t know where they all are.
  • You’re renting out your property room-by-room and now the local Council says you need to register or you’ll receive a huge fine.

DIY Landlords

Are you tired of doing everything yourself? Let us solve your problems for you.

Rooming House Landlords

Do you understand all the rules for operating a Rooming House? Let us guide you through the requirements.

Our Difference

We use modern technology and smarter systems to bring you better service at a competitive price.


We are specialists in property management! It is our number one priority and we focus all our efforts on being the best.
When you work with us be assured that your property is in safe hands.


We offer 3 tiers of pricing so you can pick a package that suits you.
One simple management fee covers all the basics - no hidden fees or surcharges.
Pay only for what you use and nothing more.


Fast response times and regular updates mean you always know what's happening with your property. Contact us via phone call, SMS, email or your favourite messaging App – including Whatsapp & WeChat.

Cloud Based

Receive updates in via email. Sign documents electronically using your smart device.
View reports and photos in PDF. Never open another letter again. You won't ever need to come to our office!

Diverse Skills

We are more than just experts in property management! Our team is made up of people with a diverse range of skills including accounting, law, marketing, sales, engineering and more!

Team Management

Every property is managed by a team of 2-4 people who handle everything. In the event that one person becomes ill or unavailable, our team will will continue to manage your property without interruption.


Read what some of our customers have to say

Amazing Service. Much better than any of the big names. Highly recommended.

John Doe


Great Experience. Reasonable prices. Received much better service than other Agents I've used.

Jane Doe


Very happy customer. Very pleased with the level of service and expertise of ACE Property Share. I have recommended to my family and friends.

Jane Smith


Decent company. Good service for the price. Moved all my properties over to ACE Property Share.

John Smith


Our Story

Full Service Property Management

We offer full service property management services for residential properties located in metropolitan Melbourne, Australia.  We do everything from beginning to end. Advertising, Inspections, Prepare all Lease and Bond documents, Routine inspections, Pay bills, Organise repairs, Rent Reviews, Monthly Disbursements, Written Reports, Annual Financial Statements for your Accountant.