How to report a Maintenance Issue

If you are a current tenant and want to report a maintenance issue then click the link below

To report a maintenance issue you will need to complete a maintenance request form and submit it to us. The maintenance request form can be accessed by clicking the link above. This form is 100% online and can be completed using any computer or smart device. You can add photos, save your progress and submit when you are ready!

If you want to report multiple maintenance issues you will need to complete a separate maintenance request form for each issue. At the end of the form simply click the link to ‘Add Another Response’. 

What do I need to provide

The maintenance request form will ask you to provide information about

Property Address

We will ask you to provide your full name and rental property address.

Maintenance Issue

We will ask you to provide details about the maintenance issue. We will also ask for at least 1 photo of the issue.

Contact Person

We will ask you to nominate a person who can arrange access to the rental property for the repair-person or technician.

After the Maintenance Request Form

After you submit a maintenance request this is what you can expect to happen

Collect Information

We will collect further information about the maintenance issue. We may contact you and ask for more details or more photos.

Obtain Quotes

We will contact relevant repair companies and request quotes to repair the maintenance issue. This may require access to the rental property.

Landlord Approval

We will submit the repair quotes to the landlord for approval. The landlord must approve a quote before repairs can be carried out.

Schedule Repairs

Once a quote has been approved, the repair company will contact you and schedule a time to attend the rental property to carry out repairs.

Carry Out Repairs

The repair company will attend the rental property and carry out repairs. Some larger issues may require more than one attendance.


We will contact you to confirm that the repairs were carried out successfully and the maintenance issues has been resolved.